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Group training

Who will run

This format is created to train corporate teams for competitions, improve bode condition and increase motivation. These services are suitable for all runners, but the body condition level of all participants should be approximately the same for a comfortable training of all participants in the same mode and getting significant progress while training together.



The plan is created for at lest 12 weeks, the duration depends on the chosen distance


Typical plan

There wwill be 2-3 workouts per week in average, the training volume will depend on the beginning level of the runner, one long run, strength work, special training for the development of MOC and AT


Training structure

Each workout segment contains information about the duration, intensity and heart rate zones


Price without renting locations

5 and more athlets

€ 4960-90 min training
  • Trainings at NSCOlimpiyskiy, cycle track, EEA, parks or any other location
  • Training plan + recommendations
  • Weekly analysis and correction of the running plan
  • Consultation on choosing footwear/equipment
  • Discounts by partners for the purchase of sports staff (shoes, clothes, gadgets)
Send an application
Your plan is always accessible in your PC or smartphone

Working with a plan

Guidance and comments to the training plan is possible on the best platform for You (Strava, Garmin, Polar, Trainingpeaks, Staminity)

Personal training

Only 1-2 people
  • - running training
  • - correction of running technique
  • - functional training
  • - strength training

Online consultation

I 'll share with You my personal experience
  • - how to start training
  • - video analysis of running technique
  • - assistance while choosing equipment
  • - how to avoid injury
  • - any other questions

Additional services

  • Charity
  • Lectures and master classes
  • Personal pacemaker at competitions

Do you have any questions??

Ask them to me and get an answer within 60 minutes!!